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– Back Pain, January 2010:

After having a microlumbar disectomoy in February of 2009, I was not sure what my future held. The intense pain was gone but there was much to work through. I had muscle loss in my right calf, no reflex anymore, three numb toes and foot! And still some pains in my right leg especially if I did “too much”. The back pain was of course still there-I lived with that since 10th grade!(1992) I went through months of physical therapy, but once I was done I still felt protective of my back and still a victim of back pain.
Many people I know were doing cross fit and saying it was great. I decided to give it a try in hopes of getting stronger and being free of the back pain that I have lived so long with. I have only been doing cross fit for 10 short weeks but it undoubtedly changed my life! I don’t feel like a prisoner in my own body anymore. I am doing things I never even thought I would ever do (sit-ups and lifting dead weight!) First I did 6 weeks of on ramp then 10 private sessions with Corey. The most improvement has been in the private sessions. Corey is amazing! Through the years I have seen chiropractors, surgeons, massage therapists, physical therapists and he is hands down the best. I think what sets him apart is that he really is a problem solver and is paying attention! He works on your specific needs and doesn’t plug you into some preconceived formula. I can run around with my two kids and not have to say “my back hurts-I can’t play/ or hold you” anymore. This (crossfit and Corey) is my ticket to freedom and fitness. It has truly made my life better already and I feel like I have just begun! Good Stuff!!

– Chronic Back Pain, November 2009:

I have had back pain since 2004, pain that I would feel with almost every daily movement of walking, lifting, and sitting. Through Crossfit and the StayActive Clinic, Corey was able to identify the major issues surrounding my back pain and create a rehabilitation plan that was accessible, affordable, and non-painful. 6 weeks later, not only was I free from back pain but I was stronger than I had ever been, and able to trust my body to do activities I had never thought possible. Corey says that he can’t “fix” you, but what he can do through the StayActive Clinic is even better: gently and consistently transform your body and your attitude so that your area of injury no longer is a weakness, but becomes a place of strength.

– Chronic Knee Pain, September 2009:

After having been through over a year of various physical therapy/ rehabilitative programs I can honestly say that the care received at the Stay Active Clinic is hands down superior. I was never left alone with photocopied sheets of “exercises” to figure out what to do on my own. Dr. Duvall was gave me his full attention and not only monitored each step but he gave me an actual understanding of why I had the pain in the first place. I was able to ask questions and get immediate feedback. The clinic atmosphere is also unique and welcoming. I no longer felt like I couldn’t do something or that I was destined to sit on the side lines in pain. I finally had an active role in making myself better.

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