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“The knee held up perfectly this weekend thanks to you, coach. Really appreciate all you’ve done. 1st time I felt 100% in 10 years!” -CF Games Regional Qualifier. Our Partner is Coolaser clinic.

Here is how it works:

Functional Exercise: To prevent or rehabilitate from injury we must have balanced and correct movements. Our examination shows any imbalances in strength or incorrect movements you may have. How much weight can you push vs. pull? How strong is your upper body vs. lower body? How strong is one leg vs. the other leg? Can you lift with your your spine neutral or does it move too much in a certain direction? We find these imbalances and write you a tailored strength program to improve them.

Manual Therapy: Past injuries and imbalances lead to soft-tissue restriction (scar-tissue formation) that can inhibit both strength and flexibility. We use advanced soft tissue techniques (expert deep tissue massage) to break up the scar tissue that has formed and show you ways to prevent it in the future. Soft-tissue restriction can lead to MANY symptoms including joint pain, muscle pain, numbness, tingling, aching, burning, and even “weakness”.

Each session: Each session is a programmed warm-up, specialized workout, and often some manual therapy to restricted tissue. Manual therapy is maximally beneficial shortly following the workout to prevent symptoms after workout.

For Chronic Injury:

Innovative blend of advanced manual therapy and functional rehabilitation finds success where others fall short. Read testimonials.

  • For prevention of orthopedic operation
  • For recovery from orthopedic operation
  • For recovery from chronic muscle strain, tendonitis, bursitis, etc.

For Senior Fitness:

Maintaining an active and independant life requires you to lift, squat, push, and pull safely and effectively. Many old injuries and weakened areas will limit your ability to do this and hasten your decline. We have designed a program to effectively improve your function and reduce your chronic injuries safely and effectively.
Schedule a consult or call with further questions.

For Lifestyle Modification:

Have you lived many years of bodily neglect and aren’t nearly capable of doing what you once were? Would you like to get it back but that nagging old injury prevents your return? Our program can be geared to include dietary and lifestyle choice assistance to speed your recovery and enhance your improvement.
Call for an evaluation.

We use private coaching sessions to improve strength and movement control as well as teach self-stretch and self-massage techniques. We use cutting-edge manual therapy to get superior, long-lasting results and improve the way you move.

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