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This news story originally appeared at BeautyDigital Gossips on 8 February 2024

Top 5 Genesis Car Models to Make Traditional Luxury Brands Nervous in 2021

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Top 5 Genesis Car Models to Make Traditional Luxury Brands Nervous in 2021

If you are still entrenched in the belief that paying over 40 and up to 120 grand for a Korean car is utter nonsense, then we strongly urge you to look into the Genesis brand. Not only do they offer a breath of fresh air in terms of exterior designs, but also pack their cars with luxury features otherwise available on much more expensive models. Finally, do not worry about the lack of status when driving a Genesis, since these beauties have been snatching car of the year titles left and right. If you are intrigued by this pitch, stick around to learn about the latest 2021 lineup by Genesis!

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#1 2021 Genesis G70

Though released just a few years ago, Genesis G70 sedan arrives with a few comprehensive updates this year. First, you will notice the revamped exterior, that is carried out following the brand’s Athletic Elegance design language. The previously standard 2-liter base engine is expected to be replaced by the new 2.5L 4-cyllinder, same goes for the 3.3L turbo that is rumored to be abandoned in favor of 3.5L V6.

#2 2021 Genesis GV80

Eagerly anticipated since the 2017 release of the GV80 concept, the first SUV from the brand debuts as a 2021 model and it is everything we have been dreaming for. The model shares a number of similarities with the predecessor, but scores a more muscular shape and slightly more conventional, but at the same time attractive styling.

#3 2021 Genesis G90 Stardust

Rolls Royce is not the only premium brand that draws inspiration from the starry skies, in 2021 it is the turn of Genesis to explore the night scenes with this 50 units limited edition model. The Stardust takes the flagship G90 and outfits it with a two-tone black exterior.

#4 2021 Genesis G80

Once known as the Hyundai Genesis, this mid-size sedan enters its 3rd generation overall or 2nd generation as a part of the standalone marque.

#5 2021 Genesis GV70
Of course, our list would not be complete without the youngest Genesis model that was teased in Korea in late September. Though the 2021 Genesis GV70 crossover was revealed wearing camo with G-Matrix design pattern, we can instantly recognize the brand’s current design language from the familiar grille and headlights.

AutoShow Biz clinic originally published at AutoShow Biz clinic

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