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This news story originally appeared at BeautyDigital Gossips on 16 May 2023

The Stay Active Clinic: Current Patients

The videos below describe the proper technique for the Stay Active Clinic Warm-Up Protocol.  Warm-ups are a way to prepare your body for the workout you’re about to do, remove any tensions from previous workouts or daily tasks, and wake up some muscles that haven’t been used in a while.

During the warm-up it is your goal to:

  • Break a sweat
  • Achieve the range of motion necessary for the workout
  • Practice the movements in your workout at weights leading up to the ones about to be used in the workout

Click the link to watch the videos and practice these things at home.  Bring questions to your appointment.

1) Walk/Run/Jump Rope/Row (2-5 Minutes) – These things should not be intense or aggravating.  Be relaxed, the only point is to get the heart rate up and blood flowing.  Click here for videos.

2) Foam Rolling/Lax Ball Basics (2-3 Minutes) – Using a foam roller or a lacrosse ball is akin to self-massage.  The objective is to relax tight muscles, increase blood flow, and remove mild tenderness from a previous workout.  It is a great way to keep range of motion that you currently have.  For more info on the use of foam rolling, check out the article series that starts here.  Click here for videos.

3) Foot Drills (2-3 Minutes) – A way to activate and strengthen the muscles of the foot and lower leg.  Much of our training is done in bare feet to strengthen your positioning and balance.  You’re only as strong as your weakest link, a weak foot is the sign of a weak body!!  Click for videos.

4) Lunge Series (2-4 Minutes) – The body is an interconnected web of connective tissue from head to toe.  The lunge series works to mobilize the hips and shoulders for a healthier movement system.  Watch the following video… there are three exercises, do all three 5 times/leg.  Click for video.

5) Cossack (1-2 Minutes) – A Russian-originated hip strength/mobility drill, the cossack is great for balance, flexibility, and strength through a long range of motion in the hip.  Click for video.

6) Duck Walk (1-2 Minutes) – Those with stiff knees or knee pain should work into this with caution and should not increase pain.  However, a healthy knee will be able to perform this activity safely and effectively… though it might take some Manual Therapy and strength training to get you there.  Click for videos.

7) Bear Crawl (1-2 Minutes) – A great way to warm-up the hips and shoulders as well as improve nerve firing through both sides of the brain, work your way through the bear crawl progressions.  Click for videos.

8 ) Crab Walk (1-2 Minutes) – A great way to warm-up the hips and shoulders as well as improve nerve firing through both sides of the brain, work your way through the crab walk progressions.  Click for videos.

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