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NEW Porsche Sportscars with Unforgettable Retro Designs (911 Restomods)

Auto195News originally published at Auto195News

NEW Porsche Sportscars with Unforgettable Retro Designs (911 Restomods)

There is no way that someone could mistake a classic Porsche for another auto. These things have absolutely iconic looks and remain among the most desirable retro sports cars of today. In this video we will give tribute to the legendary Porsche 911 by featuring the newest and the most exclusive restomods based on its platform.

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#1 Porsche 911 Sally Special

Porsche 911 Sally Special is a one-off build that honors the 911 Sally Carrera from the “Cars” franchise.

#2 Gunther Werks Project Tornado

Gunther Werks Project Tornado is a 993-based 25-unit custom coupe that wears a widebody carbon shell and rolls on 18-inch Fuchs-style alloy wheels.

#3 Singer Porsche 911 Cabriolet

Singer’s latest addition to the portfolio of reimagined Porsches is the Turbo Study in both coupe and cabrio variants. The convertible build, by the way, is a first for Singer despite a decade long operation in the business. The project was started in response to the customer requests for turbocharging.


KAEGE RETRO Turbo is a 993-based restomod that took over 2000 man hours to finish.

#5 RUF Bergmeister

Underpinned by the Porsche 991 993 steel framework, the RUF Bergmeister is 2-seat speedster that honors hill-climbing racers of the 1960s.

#6 Gunther Werks Speedster

With this build, California-based Gunther Werks, appeal to Porsche fans who longue for the analog driving experience. This model was inspired by the two original 993 generation Speedsters that are among the rarest 911 out there.

#7 Porsche Safari 911 Sportsman
Porsche Safari 911 Sportsman is a bolt-on purpose-built package for the 911 964 generation, that adds a beefed up suspension, Baja wheels, updated exterior and a few engine options.

Auto195News originally published at Auto195News

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