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This news story originally appeared at BeautyDigital Gossips on 8 February 2024

Micconope 1851 Embraces NIL Compliance Through Cutting Edge Technology

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Micconope 1851 has raised the bar when it comes to compliance in this new NIL environment.”

— Mike Underwood

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 17, 2022 / — Today Micconope 1851 announces partnerships with NIL operations and compliance software leaders Basepath and Athliance. For its backend operations, Micconope 1851 has teamed with Basepath to provide reliable software to manage its deal flow, student-athlete roster, athlete deal obligation, payment processing among others. For its university related compliance, Micconope 1851 has chosen Athliance. Athliance provides player deal submission electronically to FSU’s athletic department whereby ensuring Micconope 1851 will maintain compliance throughout the life cycle of all deals.

On this announcement of these strategic partnerships, Micconope 1851 co-founder Mike Underwood says, “When we embarked on building Micconope 1851, we were determined to do it the right way. Without hesitation I can say that Thomas Thomas Jr. of Basepath and Peter Schoenthal of Athliance were the perfect partners to help us set the standard for collectives in the NIL space.” Adds co-founder James Coleman. “The biggest thing for today’s athlete is ease of use. These two software packages allow our athletes and sponsors alike to log in and track everything about the NIL process in a convenient and efficient manner. This will be key in making sure you don’t get in a bad spot with NIL enforcement.” Underwood concludes, “Micconope 1851 has raised the bar when it comes to compliance in this new NIL environment. Basepath and Athliance have bolstered our reputation in the eyes of our student-athletes and FSU’s athletic department without question. And an incredible surprise benefit, our current and prospective sponsors have expressed an even greater comfort level when collaborating with Micconope 1851.”

About Micconope 1851 LLC, Micconope 1851 LLC is a Name, Image, Likeness platform serving FSU. Micconope 1851 is not affiliated with Florida State University and is fully compliant with guidance set forth by the NCAA and the State of Florida.

Michael Underwood
Micconope 1851 LLC
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Sports NewsUSA SPORT NEWS originally published at Sports NewsUSA SPORT NEWS

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