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This news story originally appeared at SportDayue News on 19 October 2023

Health Hero Releases Modern Web3 Enabled Health Plans via Their Health-To-Earn Platform

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Health Hero Releases Modern Web3 Enabled Health Plans via Their Health-To-Earn Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES, June 23, 2022 / — Health Hero, Inc, a play-to-earn health company, announced that it will start providing telehealth & mental health plans to its users via mobile, web, and chat. These plans are to be provided as Health Hero positions itself as a high-demand solution in a current global economic environment where people are struggling with mental, financial, spiritual, physical, and social health.

Top global digital health engagement platform, Health Hero, is an innovative blockchain-based company that seeks to deliver an experience that gamifies and rewards players for living a healthy lifestyle — promoting fitness, mental health, and spirituality for individuals and organizations. By connecting with popular health and fitness applications, such as Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin, and Peloton, among others, users have the chance to earn Health Hero’s native utility token, $HLTHY, which allows them to earn and unlock additional experiences within their 2D metaverse they call, Health Hero City.

In Health Hero City, players have the opportunity to earn tokens ($HLTHY) and level up by battling Go!Bots in PvE mini-card games, answering health-related surveys and quizzes, crafting and selling in-game items, settling and cultivating their very own virtual plot of land, and competing in global leaderboards. For example, a user could earn $HLTHY for every daily steps and holistic activity they do and as they level up and participate in in-game challenges. Also, Go!Bot owners are able to own their own virtual properties such as yoga studios, PvP game stations, and meditation studios, and other players can interact with the property and earn $HLTHY as well.

Health Hero players sync their steps and complete daily challenges to not only collect $HLTHY for a variety of in-game and real-life health-related purchases but to also enable users to earn no cost telehealth when they enroll in $HTLHY’s staking program. In addition to this, Health Hero is using its technology stack to read grocery receipts and give its users “cash-back” for healthy food purchases (fruit and veggies). These two new features support Health Hero’s goals of providing people with the opportunity to health-to-earn and cover basic needs such as food and health care.

The utility that $HLTHY provides goes far beyond the traditional project. $HLTHY represents structural support for a global economy that’s driven by health. Owning $HLTHY allows users to purchase, craft, buy, rent, and sell in-game items to accrue real income that covers basic necessities. Steps, social sharing, and community engagement are other examples of how a user can earn the token via the game. For instance, a user that takes 100,000 steps, could potentially earn around 250 $HLTHY tokens and have some basic needs covered. Also, a user could stake up to 100,000 $HLTHY and get 25% cash-back for healthy purchases (fruits and veggies). By using computer vision technology, it is as easy as taking a photo of their grocery or store receipt and uploading it to the platform.

The telehealth services also provide the opportunity for users that become members to add up to five family members to their plan and enjoy the same benefits such as board-certified doctor consultations via mobile app, video, or phone, and no cost prescription drugs for many common ailments.

Anthony Diaz, CEO & Founder of Health Hero, says – “We want our users to not worry about basic things such as food and health care. Health Hero is dedicated to supporting all communities, but especially those underserved communities around the world with little to no access to basic needs and care.”

Aly Madhavji, Managing Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund, a venture capital that backs Health Hero, shared his insights. “Health Hero is introducing a disruptive concept of ‘health-to-earn’, a decentralized rewards-based health and wellness ecosystem. We are excited to see how this can transform the web3 landscape and innovate the way we approach health through blockchain technology.”

Being a Go! user, means that you are also part of a community that is health-conscious, active, and loving. Within their community group in Discord, Health Hero hosts their Weekly Global Challenges and Game Jams ( that engage users and community members in a healthy and motivating experience with a variety of types of challenges where members also win prizes that range from cryptocurrency to Health Hero swag.

With these new experiences for Go! users, Health Hero seeks to be the “Apple Health of Web3” where they’re creating a decentralized well-being and health record connected to all EHR(s) that carries real-time health and wellness data and puts that data to work to guide the user to the next best action for their overall health with additional workflows. Currently, users need to mint a “Well-being NFT” or “W-NFT” ( in order to have access to start building their decentralized well-being record.

Health Hero is also an open-source decentralized game API virtual console that allows game developers to build games off of the API and other opportunities, providing an economic model based on the native token $HLTHY.

In the near future roadmap, Health Hero will also release a Well-being-oriented Metaverse, health coaching, charity organizations partnerships, and an investment fund to incubate play-to-earn/move-to-earn startups that want to build their games off of Health Hero’s Web3-based Game API (

To get started earning rewards and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can use their Go! bot on Discord or the upcoming mobile apps on iOS and Android (more information on their website:

If you are a business or organization, Health Hero supports thousands of organizations around the world with modern employee wellness programs. Learn more at

About Health Hero, Inc.

Health Hero is a “Play-to-earn health” platform focused short term on disrupting the health insurance market but with an overall mission of ensuring one’s lifestyle can finance their core needs. The platform is smart, open, and decentralized gamified health engagement that leverages IoT/connected devices and modern DeFi, supporting organizations around the world. Furthermore, they sell to employers, providers, and payers via a freemium + partner co-sell model and can tap into $7B+ of health-related liquidity pools. Distributing top-down via Microsoft, Salesforce, Cerner, Epic and their top system integrators/resellers.


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Health Hero, Inc.

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