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This news story originally appeared at SportDayue News on 21 September 2023

Foot Drills (23 Minutes)

The foot drills are meant to activate and strengthen the muscles of the lower leg and ankle. Many common foot problems (plantar fasciitis, achilles pain, chronic ankle sprain, bunions, etc) can be prevented or rehabilitated with a strong foot and ankle. Much of our training is done in bare feet to strengthen your positioning and balance. You’re only as strong as your weakest link, a weak foot is the sign of a weak body!!

There are six different foot positions in three different pairs. Below are the videos of the pairs.

Note: They should always be done barefoot on a soft surface (grass, sand, soft-packed dirt, carpet, etc). In the Stay Active Clinic we have a padded walkway for you to perform these as part of your warm-up. Watch the videos, practice at home, and perform them as part of your warm-up.A way to activate and strengthen the muscles of the foot and lower leg.

First Pair – Lift the arches and curl the toes; Lift the outsides and lift the toes

Second Pair – Point the toes in 45 degrees; Point the toes out 45 degrees

Third Pair – Walk forward on the heels; Walk backward on the toes/balls of the feet

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