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This news story originally appeared at AutoShow Biz clinic on 4 February 2023


Fitness is not all about flexing muscles or starving yourself to get washboard abs. Fitness is synonymous with well-being, regardless of the diet one is on. There is also a high chance that, even if we are on a diet, our body might not get the proper nutrition it needs. That being said, holding food consumption culpable is not always the solution towards building a healthy physique. A healthy physicality requires a balanced diet, nutrition, and regular exercise. To shed light on this issue, Bangladeshi fitness expert and the founder of the renowned fitness studio Ruslan’s Studio, Ruslan Hossain has shared his ideas and experiences with the Financial Express. Ruslan completed his BSc in nutrition. He has been serving his clients in his studios by providing tailored fitness programmes and diet plans to help them reach their goals. His long list of clients consists of Bangladeshi celebrities and civilians alike. At present, Ruslan is one of the most prominent figures in Bangladesh when it comes to fitness. Host of a celebrity fitness show Get Fit with Ruslan airing on T Sports, he has represented Bangladesh in numerous international bodybuilding competitions and brought home silverware. Ruslan’s keen interest in fitness and performance-based nutrition helped him continue with the service for 14 years. Adding to his many achievements, Ruslan’s Studio was the gold sponsor of the prestigious Bangladesh Bodybuilding Federation National Championship. Ruslan is the guy as far as fitness is concerned.Physical exercise does not only keep someone physically sound but also helps to build a better outer getup. Fitness helps with stamina and increases someone’s physical capabilities. People are going to judge you based on how you look. I also had difficulties with climbing up on staircases. I became tired. That also made me interested in fitness deeply, he added. It becomes difficult for people who do 9-to-5 desk jobs to exercise regularly. The contemporary sedentary lifestyle has been one of the main causes of the declining fitness of middle-aged people. However, results are always the motivational points to tell someone that the person needs to keep the process ongoing. It is not going to work until you start doing something. One needs to eat according to their nutritional requirements and do wellness activities. When you see the results coming after a certain period, you will be impressed with the effort you have been giving. This performance-based workout also helped me stay motivated, spoke Ruslan to motivate desk-job holders. Job holders prioritise their monetary needs over their physical ones, which should not be the case. Regular fitness activities are a must to stay sound. Losing health will ultimately not help even if you have a lot of money. Unless you know your health situation and train your body accordingly, it will not help you with your health. When I started, I saw the results coming after a while. I could see the rate of change in my heart’s pumping, and I looked better than I did, added Ruslan. Junk food and fast food are some of the most popular guilty pleasures of the youth. Such food habits push them to a detrimental stage in life. Moreover, if they join gyms to gain a better shape, they become reluctant to stick to the regularity. Consequently, their health situation becomes inconsistent. Young people want everything to be fast, even when it comes to fitness results. If anything is pretty fast, it will not be as sustained as it should be. The same goes for fitness, mentioned Ruslan. An elementary homework always does the thing. Alongside following a daily meal plan that ensures proper nourishment, one needs to come to the gym regularly and keep working to reach their goal. Fitness is a life-long process. If someone discontinues gym, they might lose the shape and figure they worked so hard to build. There is also an issue of whether there is any correlation between physical and mental well-being. Ruslan cleared the air about this as well. Regular physical exercise requires discipline. If one engages with gyming systematically, it becomes easier to continue with other errands such as classes or jobs. Exercise helps release feel-good hormones in the body, for example, endorphins. This hormonal secretion helps someone fight with anything that is mentally stressful. Eventually, the person becomes stronger mentally, said Ruslan Hossain. Fitness training is a continuous process that leads to benefits. However, for the benefits to persist, one needs to hang on to the daily routine and not surrender abruptly. Quitting the gym after getting into shape is not a wise idea. Treating good health as one of the most significant wealth is necessary, so thinks Ruslan. We only get our body once in a lifetime. If we become sick and lose health, it becomes gruelling and even impossible for us to get back to the previous immaculately healthy state. It is important to realise that workout is a part of our regular activities. It is also important to live a better and healthier life. Exercising has never been just a young man’s game. If anything, the elderly are more at health risks than the youngsters. Hence, it is never too late to get up and start exercising. It will lead to not only a great physique, but also a better mental state. We encourage people of all ages to get involved with gyming at our studio, even senior citizens. I think people in their 70s or 80s, after their retirement, life starts in a new way for them. Also, after a period, the exercise needs to be changed according to the trainer’s advice. This way, performance would also change accordingly, added the man with all the answers, Ruslan Hossain, who runs gymnasiums/studios–one at Shimanto Shambhar, Dhanmondi and another at Kamal Ataturk Avenue Awal Centre, Banani, in the capital.
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