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This news story originally appeared at SportDayue News on 21 September 2023

Chiropractic Wellness – The Modern Paradigm

Chiropractic was started over 100 years ago in Iowa by DD Palmer. The ori

ginal premise was that the human body had the ability for health and could heal itself with the building blocks to do so. Wellness is care that supports the optimal capacity for health; To thrive instead of survive! Toxic environmental factors like processed foods, sedentary lifestyle, and negative thoughts limit the healing capacity. The chiropractor serves as an assistant to optimal health. Reduction of a toxic environment (physical, chemical, and emotional) prevents sickness before it develops and this is Wellness Care. Since that time there have been many diverging beliefs on how a chiropractor can assist a patient.

My definition of health is your ability to do anything life requires, anything you desire, and survive without issue. Ever wonder why some people can go on long hikes with no effects and others get worn down just walking a mile or two? Health. Ever wonder why some individuals can be in a room full of sick people and never get sick? Health. Ever wonder why some people can play with their kids and not have an issue but others wind up injured? Health. In my practice I watch hundreds of people improve their ability to do anything:

  • Mother”s with a history of spinal surgery and inability to play with their children improve strength and safety and play with them again!
  • 60 yr old men who can”t get both feet off the ground at the same time can now jump on an 8″ box repetitively.
  • People get off medications for diabetes, cholesterol, osteoporosis, and auto-immune disorders.

Health, that was once declining, is now rocketing towards their genetic potential!!

At The Stay Active Clinic we believe wellness is simple, just not always convenient. One must follow the three premises below which are basic, but not the easy route in today”s culture.

  • You must be active in many different ways. When something is alive we say it is animated, animation is movement, movement is life. You must move slowly for long periods of time, lift heavy things, and move quickly for short periods of time while frequently utilizing a full range of motion.
  • Your diet must consist of real, whole foods. Both animal products and plants are necessary for a balanced diet. They will provide you with all the macro nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) and vital micro nutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals) for sufficient energy, a strong immune system, mental peace and happiness.
  • Mental balance and stress reduction requires a change in perspective. Mental stress is not what happens to you but your reaction to the event. Short-term stress is not a problem. Sustained “worrying†over things you cannot change creates a chronic, measurable physiological event that depresses the immune system and increases your risk for diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, Type – II Diabetes, and a litany of auto-immune disorders. The following statement best describes how to control your mental stress: Have the courage to change things you can, the discipline to let alone things you cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference.

The nervous system is a primary component in health. It is the system that has control over other systems. Many chiropractors choose to focus on it and have great success that way. My belief, however, is that we must address the entire movement system, not specifically the spine. I”ve found that spinal health is as much dependent on the strength and range of motion of your arms and legs as it is of your spine itself. Playing with your children, helping a friend move, and getting off the toilet at 80 years of age are closely related to not just spinal strength, but full body functional strength. That is why my program incorporates ALL of the body parts and seems a bit different from other chiropractors.

At The Stay Active Clinic we encourage our patients to follow the three premises above and take an active role in their own health. The original meaning of “doctor†was “teacherâ€Â. Our job is to teach you how to care for yourself in the long-term.

Your success is largely dependent on your ability to learn about your own body, and we can teach you that. Our services help to keep you out of pain and moving efficiently so premise #1 is maximally effective, but without utilizing the other two you will not be well. Through the course of care you will develop the knowledge and resources to keep yourself healthy for years to come.

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