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This news story originally appeared at BeautyDigital Gossips on 8 February 2024

10 Modern Cruiser Motorcycles with Electric Motors that Exist Today

Auto195News originally published at Auto195News

10 Modern Cruiser Motorcycles with Electric Motors that Exist Today

The sightings of electric cruisers are about to become much more frequent. While researching this class of motorcycles, we realized that there are at least ten different models. Some of them are only good enough for short daily commutes in style, but others can indeed take on long distance grand touring duties.

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00:00 Introduction

00:42 Evoke 6061

After establishing itself as a manufacturer of high quality electric naked bikes for city commuting, the Hong Kong Evoke Motorcycles are launching the long-range power cruiser. The 6061 is built on a light twin-plate frame made of aerospace-grade aluminum.

Komaki Ranger

With scooter performance number, the Komaki Ranger mimics the style of a big-bore cruiser bike, which is extremely popular in India.

03:13 Arcimoto Roadster

Arcimoto Roadster is a motorcycle-style 3-wheeler that can carry 2 people, speed to 75 mph, and cover 102 miles on a charge in the city.

04:22 Hadin Panther

Hadin Panther is created by a California-based company with Chinese roots. It was expected to start production in 2020, but now, the project seems to be frozen since no new information about was released in the past 2 years.

05:30 Tacita T-Cruise Turismo

Tacita T-Cruise Turismo is a long-distance electric cruiser with a tall windscreen, 3-position footpegs, and a set of optional Italian leather travel bags. With its largest battery option, it can travel for 183 miles on a single charge.

06:51 Mazout Electric

This motorbike is rightfully called India’s first electric cruiser. It was developed by a young team of entrepreneurs and engineers from the Delhi Technical University. The Mazout Electric has a dual seat design with two pair of foot pegs and a backrest.

07:56 Curtiss One

Curtiss One is designed from the ground up around a patent-pending Centered Power Axis, that serves as a swingarm pivot and a drive shaft of the electric drivetrain.

09:18 Johammer J1

Johammer J1 is a weird-looking electric cruiser with 7-mm thick polypropylene encapsulated body, covering the entire bike.

10:37 Brutus V9

Brutus V9 is a full-size cruiser motorcycle that has a distinct Harley exterior vibe and offers soldi performance specifications.

11:47 Sine Cycles

This e-Cruiser is a brainchild of the Swiss electrical engineer Bruno Forcella from Sine Cycles. He sourced the hardtail frame, fork, wheels and brakes from Cleveland Cycleworks.

Auto195News originally published at Auto195News

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