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This news story originally appeared at BeautyDigital Gossips on 8 February 2024

Bijou Beauty Joins Forces with Marie Claire Beauty Group to Offer Custom Packaging Design

BeautyTrend Magazine originally published at BeautyTrend Magazine

Bijou Beauty Joins Forces with Marie Claire Beauty Group to Offer Custom Packaging Design

The newly founded packaging boutique will provide packaging design, engineering and sourcing across all categories in the beauty industry.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 25, 2022 / — Marie Claire Beauty Group (MCBG), a well-established and highly respected company servicing the beauty industry since 1937, has teamed up with start-up Bijou Beauty to found the first-ever packaging boutique. This new venture provides high-quality packaging design, engineering and sourcing services for start-ups, explosive growth brands and trendsetters. Bijou Beauty is excited to join forces with such an experienced and ingenious team and looks forward to helping brands achieve their goals bringing their dynamic products to market.

Bijou Beauty is a multi-talented team created and dedicated to packaging design, engineering, and sourcing. With a passion for all things creative and a keen eye for detail; the start-up offers a wide range of services for packaging, from concept to creation.

“Our goal is to provide brands with a simple, pragmatic, and sustainable solution to the ever changing and competitive beauty landscape. We embrace the complex, the creative and the cutting edge – it’s what we do” said President and Founder Kal Kalyanasundaram

The acquisition is a strategic move for the Marie Claire Beauty Group and underscores the company’s commitment to nurturing and supporting emerging brands. Bijou Beauty will now fall under the umbrella of the Marie Claire Beauty Group, which operates globally as a beauty incubator and a 360-degree ecosystem. This includes companies such as FRANCE LAB, Desdoigts, Apartment 103, ABO Cosmetiques and CEGEDIS. The group’s expertise will help to develop the Bijou brand further and expand its reach to new markets.

“In a world where influencers, culture and technology are reshaping the beauty landscape, our mission is to anticipate, create and lead the future through clean, innovative, customized and meaningful beauty lines. the Marie Claire Group, the number one beauty authority in more than 35 countries, we achieve this through a fully dedicated and collaborative ecosystem of forward-thinking companies,” said MCBG CEO Thibaut Fougeras.

He continued, “We are a beauty powerhouse with a global vision of the beauty industry and multi-disciplinary execution capabilities. From conception, turn-key development, end delivery and marketing optimization to strategic investments, our ecosystem has unparalleled cross-functional expertise in creating brand value and business growth.”

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BeautyTrend Magazine originally published at BeautyTrend Magazine

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