This news story originally appeared at Gym Exercise Health on 24 January 2022

Where To Begin?

All clients start with an Initial Performance Assessment.  Chronic injuries, limitations, and damage are often rooted in levels of strength that are imbalanced or too low for certain activities.  In the assessment we look at relative strength of pushing, pulling, lifting, squatting, left side, right side, and compare that to your current body weight.  This often tells us why you might be creating certain areas of damage (symptoms).  From there, we can derive a plan to move forward and improve based on YOUR individual issues!!

For those interested in starting a CrossFit Program, the same balance of strength above is necessary for long-term health in a constantly varied program like CrossFit.  We put you through the same assessment and begin a plan to create balance to safely make improvements in the dynamic CrossFit environment!!

  • The Initial Performance Assessment is 60-90 minutes with Dr. Duvall and includes history, evaluation, explanation of findings, future plan discussion: $250
  • We then organize a series of workouts where you meet with Dr. Duvall briefly so he can ascertain how your body responded to the previous workout, and write one for you to finish that day.  Those privates continue until we are comfortable planning your workouts ahead and you transition to what we call our Individual Design Program – Semi-private, coached exercise sessions with personally developed and prescribed exercise plans to follow at our facility.
  • Finally, periodic follow-ups with Dr. Duvall for either hands-on bodywork or Progress Analysis helps guide you steadily towards your goals.
  • After scheduling an appointment, go here to submit intake form and complete Assessment payment to confirm your slot!