This news story originally appeared at Gym Exercise Health on 24 January 2022


“Just wanted to express my appreciation to you for your attention to detail and your expertise in physical fitness. Your teaching techniques and spirited sense of humor have been instrumental and motivational to my learning and enthusiasm to be successful in the program!”

Corey Duvall, D.C.

Co-Owner, Coach,
Clinic Director of The Stay Active Clinic

OPT CCP Level 1, OPT CCP Assessment Level 2,Level 1 CrossFit Strength and Conditioning Coach ’07, Black Box Summit, “Chasing Performance” Seminar with Kelly Starrett, Elite Sport Science Certification by the American Athletic Institute, Lake Placid Olympic Training Center, Advanced Biomechanics for Clinical Excellence: Integrative Diagnosis,

Doctor of Chiropractic, New York Chiropractic College, Bachelors of Science: Biology and Philosophy, Juniata College, PA 2005

Sports Background::
HS Basketball, Collegiate Club Rugby

Perfection of human movement is both my passion and my career. The display of control and grace under conditions of duress are what allow for both injury prevention and athletic dominance. Your fitness and life goals, whatever they may be, are achieved through the pursuit of perfection. To do this in a supportive community atmosphere, such as CrossFit Asheville, is powerful, inspiring, and successful. It is my desire to help you fulfill the mantra: Just Be Awesome.

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