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About The Doctor

  • Board-certified chiropractic physician, New York Chiropractic College

  • Clinic Director: The Stay Active Clinic, Asheville, NC

  • Advanced Biomechanics for Clinical Excellence: Integrative Diagnosis

  • Instruction in Kinesiotaping through Level 3: Dysfunctional Movement Patterns

  • Elite Sport Science Certification by the American Athletic Institute, Lake Placid Olympic Training Center

  • Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer
  • Bachelors of Science: Biology and Philosophy, Juniata College, PA 2005
  • Active Release Techniques Certified: Lower Extremity

Dr. Duvall is the founder of the Stay Active Clinic.  He is a chiropractic physician and strength coach who focuses on difficult and chronic conditions.

His experience as a chiropractic physician includes treating high-end athletes at prestigious athletic events around the northeastern United States.  Dr. Duvall has treated athletes at The Armory, in Manhattan, NY, Dartmouth Relays in Hanover, NH, the Master’s National Cross-Country Championships, and other various events.  He worked with Division 1 indoor track and field athletes, semi-professional national level athletes, and best-in-the-country high school athletes.

He is a functional strength and conditioning coach with a certification in Elite Sports Science by the American Athletic Institute at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY.  He has worked with clients from all ends of the fitness spectrum: from cancer patients, surgical rehabilitation patients, and motor vehicle accident victims to Division 1 collegiate athletes. All are impressed with his attention to detail and ability to scale workouts to suit anyone for maximal improvement and safety.

His athletic history includes basketball, soccer, collegiate rugby, and triathlon. His latest passion is Olympic lifting, the shear explosive power and bodily control achieved from heaving weights over your head is awe-inspiring.

He moved to Asheville in December 2008 to start a family with his wife, Dr. Shanna Duvall. He loves the diverse and out-going nature of the Asheville residents and is a regular on the local trails with Lloyd and Hoka, the family dogs.

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